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About this Policy

Environmental, Social and Governance issues do not exist as standalone issues, they are core to the way we do business. This policy informs the way we formulate strategy, manage our business and advise our clients.


The policy is approved by the board of directors and updated as part of the company strategy and governance as part of an annual review process. The head of compliance has responsibility for ensuring the principles contained within this policy are applied to Charter’s operations and day-to-day management.

Commitment to ESG

Charter Insurance Brokers is fully committed to being an active part in making positive changes to our environment and communities, and to enabling our clients to do the same through innovative business practices and intelligent management of risk.

Environmental Policy

Charter is committed to improving its own impact on the environment and supporting its clients to improve theirs. Property insurance is directly linked to risks associated with climate change, such as temperature rises and flood damage.

Charter is committed to a net-zero carbon future and has implemented the following:

  • New electricity contracts will be renewable energy only.
  • Electrical devices in the office and lighting replaced with low-energy options.
  • Power saving mode enabled on all computers and printers.
  • All staff are able to work from home to reduce travel.
  • Meetings are held using video conferencing where possible.
  • Public transport is encouraged over car use.

Material use is minimised to reduce waste, as such Charter operates a digital-first strategy, and any waste in the business is recycled where possible, including paper and electronic waste.

Climate change is impacting the risk profile of the risks that we insure, and our consultative approach to our clients is key to enabling them to manage and reduce risks. Charter’s approach to risk reduction and management leads to lower premiums and reduces the likelihood of a climate-damaging incident such as fire. We will continue to develop our expertise in this area and support our clients as they adopt new technologies within their buildings such as air recirculation systems, solar panels, and battery storage arrays.

We promote insurers who not just avoid investments in fossil fuel development and biodiversity damaging industries, but actively invest in technologies and industries that enable a carbon reducing future.

Social Responsibility Policy

Charter is a people-first business and we are committed to supporting a healthy, diverse team and taking an active part in the community around us. We recognise that through the products we provide, we can make an impact on people around the globe, and we will promote insurers whose values align with our own.

We understand the value of diverse thinking, and aim to be as inclusive as possible so that we can support every member of our team, regardless of our differences. We aim to provide a supportive and challenging environment where we develop everyone professionally as well as promoting wellbeing and work-life balance.

Every member of our team has an individual development plan that supports their personal goals, on top of statutory requirements for CPD.

We encourage our team to work from home some days and come together in the office on others. We want our office to be a central hub that people look forward to coming to and where we do our best work together.

We are committed to treating everyone we interact with, clients and suppliers, with the highest respect and consideration. We are professionals, and we treat others as such when we communicate with them. We will make sure our services are accessible to all regardless of ability and we will protect their data to standards in excess of the regulatory standards.

As a business and as individuals, we will support charities that positively impact our communities. Charter continues to sponsor AFC Fylde football team and their social programs, and in 2022/23 our managing director is rowing the Atlantic raising money for Wolo Foundation and Prostate Cancer UK.

Governance Policy

At Charter we promote string oversight and transparency in our work at all levels. Operating in a regulated industry, we are subject to scrutiny, however we go further and subject ourselves to the highest levels of independent scrutiny and board level oversight.

We are committed to industry leading ethical standards through our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and a leadership that promotes and maintains a culture of professional integrity. Charter is driven by the needs of its stakeholders and cultivates a transparent and open relationship through its communications and reporting.

As their broker and advisor, we recognise the importance of the role we play in our clients’ governance responsibilities. We continue to drive technological innovation to deliver lower risk and improved governance around risk management and regulatory compliance, particularly around new areas of legislation such as the Fire Safety (England) Regulation 2022. By enabling our clients to demonstrate their compliance, we are able to reduce their risk, lower insurance costs and deliver on their governance goals.

Charter’s ESG Statement

The ethical and practical values that form the elements of ESG have always been fundamental to what Charter stands for as a business. As ESG has gained prominence as a primary business concern, we have been more able to demonstrate the positive impact our business has on the wider world, and how we enable our clients to achieve their own ESG ambitions.

We have long recognised the duty to our people, our clients and the wider world. Our ESG statement allows us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to investing in our people, protecting our environment and being a good corporate citizen.

Download copy, (Portable document file) –Charter ESG Policy 2023

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